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Southwest Air X 12

Southwest Windpower's Whisper 200

Southwest Windpower's Whisper 500

This machine starts producing power at half the RPM of the AIR 403, putting more power into your batteries. The new controller continuously adjusts the alternator loading to maximize alternator and blade efficiency at all wind speeds and all states of battery charge.

And now there is no more prop flutter noise in high winds. The new AIR-X can control RPM to prevent blade flutter in high winds. That means much quieter operation in all wind conditions.

The bigger brother to the Whisper 100 (H40), theWhisper 200 features a 10 ft (3.1m) rotor diameter and an 80 sq. ft. swept area that provides the user with greater output at low wind speed averages.

The 200 has twice the swept blade area, providing double the potential energy as compared to the H40.

The 200 also incorporates a permanent magnet alternator powered with an advanced airfoil, thus capturing the most energy in its class as compared to other competitive wind turbines. The Whisper 200 will deliver 6.3 KWH per day.

New Whisper 200 Controller - Comes with a Controller that offers greater reliability and superior control for battery charging. Its compact, safe cabinet design features easily settable voltage regulation points, load dump and load dump isolation from the battery. The price of the system includes the H40 turbine and the controller. This controller operates with wind energy only.

The 3000-watt Whisper 500 turbine will deliver in excess of 500 KWH per month in a 12 mph wind. This machine has a 14-foot (4.26m) rotor diameter providing 175 sq. ft. of swept area. This model has been redesigned, incorporating a stronger, larger yaw shaft, new blade stabilizer straps and a third spindle bearing for increased reliability.

The Whisper 500 features a fiberglass and foam core blade for smooth, high efficiency operation and low wind start-up. It also incorporates the patented "angle governor" design for quiet operation in high winds. The Whisper 500 is an excellent machine for village power projects, farms, ranches, back-up power and remote homes with large energy demands.

Introducing Skystream 3.7 - a new generation Residential Power Appliance that hooks up to your home to help you reduce or eliminate your monthly electricity costs. It's the first compact, user-friendly, all-inclusive wind generator (with controls and inverter built in) designed to provide quiet, clean electricity in very low winds. With Skystream, homeowners and small business owners now have the power to choose their electricity source.

How it works is simple. With no batteries, Skystream connects directly to your home. When the wind is blowing, your home is powered (in part) by Skystream, when it's not, your home is seamlessly powered by your utility as usual. During periods of strong winds, Skystream can actually produce excess electricity. Depending on your utility, your meter will spin backwards--giving you credit for a later date.

Southwest Air X 12

Southwest Air X 12

Southwest Air X 12

Southwest Windpower's Whisper 200













WHISPER 100  12,24,48 VOLT



WHISPER 200 12,24,48 VOLT



       WHISPER 500 24 VOLT



Southwest Windpower's Whisper 500

       WHISPER 500 48 VOLT



   SKYSTREAM 1.8 KW 120/240